Thursday, April 2, 2015

Secure Your Mobile Device

Many mobile devices provide little to no security when accessing personal apps.  Often access to a web app involves nothing more than a simple tap on the app icon to open it under your account resulting in minimal security.  The notion behind this choice is that “convenience trumps security.”

I have borrowed a number of tablets from the Library and have noticed that previous users neglected to clear their logins to various apps and even left their home network login credentials intact.

If you access Facebook, Netflix, Lynda, Twitter, or any app that requires an initial login, then subsequently provides access with a tap, you need to log off of these services before returning the loaner mobile device.  If you are unsure how to log off a particular app, I have found a quick Google query “how do I log off the App_in_question on the device_name,” usually gets an answer.

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